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Website Development

  • If you can dream it, we can design it.
  • We can design single-page up to massive multiple-page dynamically-driven websites.
  • Specializing in systems utilizing databases and e-commerce.
  • You decide: total turn-key or client-based involvement.

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Custom Windows Programming

  • We develop custom Windows® programs and services that you specify.
  • We utilize the most powerful development tools and programming languages available.
  • We will bid your entire project or work on a contractor basis.
  • Design consultation included.

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Watermark PRO Irrigation Design

  • Our easy-to-use irrigation design program designed specifically for the sprinkler contractor.
  • Toss your graph paper and ruler -- our program does it all.
  • No superfluous drawing tools you don't need that waste valuable time.
  • Start your free 30-day trial today!


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About Us

Our roots are firmly planted in engineering and software technology with many years of practical application of these assets in business and other organizational structures. We thrive in both the offline and online environments with expertise in the latest Windows© development arenas.

Our firm utilizes modern programming languages such as C#, C++, HTML5, CSS, SQL, Javascript, SAAS (software as a service), ASP.NET, ASP and many others. Most of all we offer valuable experience bred in the successful implementation of these technologies coupled to business expertise earned through years of serving in various executive positions in multiple organizational categories.

Located in the foothills of the Rockies, we feel fortunate to live in an environment that supports healthful living with unique outdoor recreation options.

C# and C++
HTML5 coding
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Sample Projects

We've worked on dozens of projects so we've picked only the latest.


Colorado Audio Society

Hobbyist club website customized to provide specific functions and processes ...

The Colorado Audio Society website manages all event and member operations for the society. The website manages member rosters, events and event calendars, membership fees/e-commerce, group e-mail messaging, member classified advertising, loaner accessories, and much more. The system is designed to automate as many features as possible in order to lighten the administrative load of the officer group.

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E-commerce website displaying original art jewelry ...

The LoveRena website showcases Rena's jewelry art and displays them for sale through her e-commerce gateway. Her products are original art, so when products are sold, they are automatically removed from the website. Administrative tools provide a simple process for adding and managing items and include custom tools for adding images and descriptions. The site also includes a newsletter/blog tool that broadcasts Rena's fliers, messages and blog to her mailing list.

WaterMark PRO Software

Sprinkler system design software for irrigation contractors ...

WaterMark PRO is a full-featured object-oriented lawn irrigation design system incorporating time-proven hydraulic engineering techniques and an elegant, user-friendly interface that greatly accelerates the design process. WaterMark PRO was developed with these goals in mind: Flexibility, speed, simplicity and ease of use.

The system interfaces with an independent database containing all system parts and provides automated, system-generated reports to facilitate the estimating, pricing, planning, and physical implementation phases of the irrigation project. The database includes sprinkler heads, bodies, pipe and pipe fittings, clocks, tools, accessories, valves, and even labor charges.

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Learning Management System

Tracks and implements online/offline training ...

This learning management system provides the entire infrastructure for corporate or governmental offerings of online training to its audience of employees or customers. Along with a protected, database-driven interface, the system provides a full-featured classroom management system that includes all scheduling and course assignments and instructor tools that one would find in any traditional classroom training system. Included are many standard reporting tools as well as an ad hoc dashboard that provides for quick views of all relevant training statistics.

Clients of this system includes government agencies, municipal insurance pools, schools and universities as well as a myriad of corporations that simply desire to educate their audience with the most modern training tools and online courses.

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